for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Early Voting May 16 – 20
Election Day May 24

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The Experience & Knowledge
Needed for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

As Justice of the Peace, I will strive to protect the citizens of Johnson County and preserve our way of life. The future is now and the present is the past.  With people moving to our community from all walks of life and former ZIP codes, the necessity for preserving the legacies of the past and instilling our values has never been more important.  I want to be your JP because I have a love of service to our community.  I am ready, willing and able to provide my talents to help further the prosperity of our community as a whole while recognizing the sacrifices of those who have served in the past. 

Since I was born, I have dedicated myself to public service.  As a small child, I served my family by helping take care of my mother, who was afflicted with  Multiple Sclerosis, and my grandmother who survived several years with both lung, and eventually, pancreatic cancer.  

My father, who was a retired US Army veteran and employee for the Texas Department of Public Safety instilled in me the ability to cope with stress, understanding and patience.  He taught me that wisdom comes from listening and the continuous search for information.  While growing up in my church,  I was influenced deeply by senior members and looked to them for guidance.    As a Christian, I was  baptized on my 10th birthday, and I learned many lessons from those of the Great Generation, namely the World War II veterans I idolized who helped mold me into who I am today.  While growing up I learned the value and reward for hard work and sacrifice. 

As a teenager, I promoted quickly while working at my high school grocery store job having many assignments and responsibilities.   As well as having a father in law enforcement, it was at my high school job that I first came in contact with sheriff’s deputies who also influenced me to begin a career in law enforcement. 

I served as a detention officer until I turned 21 years old and then gained employment as a Fort Worth police officer.   I have been employed for the Fort Worth Police Department for 26 years.  During my time with the department, I have been promoted to both detective and sergeant and have had a myriad of duties.  I have made many arrests in my career, filed arrest cases, written numerous arrest and search warrants for practically everything, investigated police misconduct as an Internal Affairs investigator, and have been a neighborhood patrol officer, as well as a supervisor in the same unit, being responsible for many officers.  

My law enforcement career has been excellent and I have been truly blessed with many opportunities such as being on the TV show COPS© and have been featured in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on occasion.  Being able to serve others has always been a blessing to me.


Andrew Nolan volunteered to go to Houston to work with members of his department in September of 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston.  Houston Police needed equipment as many of their police cars were destroyed to flood damage. He served there over two weeks so that their own department members could tend to their own personal devastation and get some rest as many of their officers had slept at their respective police stations as long as 3 days before even going home.   


In my personal life, I have been married to my biggest supporter and truly, my better half, Cindy, for the last 25 years.  When we married, we knew and appreciated the necessity to live in a tight-knit, Christian community so we settled in Johnson County, just east of the city limits of Burleson in 1997.  As our family grew, we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase the land next door so we opted to build a home next door to our former residence, thus illustrating our love for our community. 

My wife and I have been blessed with two daughters, both of whom have grown up in Burleson, attending Stribling Elementary School, Kerr Middle School and Centennial High School.  My family attends Pathway Church (formerly St. Matthew Cumberland Presbyterian Church) and it is there that my daughters developed their love of our Lord and Savior.  Both of my daughters also grew up in the Pine Cove Camp system and both were counselors there after their graduation from high school.  Both of my girls both currently attend Texas A&M University as a Kinesiology major and as a business major in Mays School of Business.  I could not be prouder of them.

Trying to be the best role model for my daughters that I could and help further my career, I opted to return to college at night as a 30-year-old freshman.  After working diligently for three years, I earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University.  After completion of my undergraduate degree I successfully sought and gained admission into the night school law program at Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now Texas A&M School of Law).  

After another grueling four and half years  of night school, I earned my Juris Doctorate degree and subsequent Texas State Bar passage.  Since passing the bar in 2013, I have assisted literally hundreds of people with all kinds of legal issues.  

Since I have been employed with the Fort Worth Police Department I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as both a police officer and attorney working mainly pro-bono (for free) and have served many, many people in need.  People have always asked me why I haven’t quit working as a police officer to become a full-time attorney and I have always replied, “I have had too many years in to quit and helping people never gets old.” 

I humbly ask for your prayers and your vote. 

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